I’m Albizness and I hail from St. Louis, MO. and I’m your DJ, DJ Albizness. My musical background is funk, hip hop, reggae, and I listened to Tune Disney as a kid. So, I knew Pop from the car rides after school just as much as I knew gospel music from growing up in West Side Missionary Baptist Church as I was 3-6 years old. Once I was 6 years old my ears became more conscious of what I heard. Music has not always been attached to me but like a movie it is always in my background. I learned basic keys and scales on a piano for a year and unfortunately I didn’t stay to that. Instead I picked up video games, movies, and rap music. Naturally like any other kid growing up in the 90s I got a lot of my culture by what I have seen and heard. When I was a sophomore in high school I picked up a saxophone and joined the school band just like my dad did and I grew my natural hairstyle just like he did too. I also began demonstrating a life that he instilled in me. Now I want to take music and play it to enrich my people with music you want to hear, but also positive music we need to hear so our souls vibrate higher.

I was able to primitively learn transitions and cross fading on Windows Media Player at about 10-11 years old. I picked that back up in college in a dorm room bumping loud music through the hallway everyday freshman year and having house parties at my on campus apartment “The East Commons” my  junior and senior year.  I also learned how to sell myself by creating a great product  to sell from my  experience in KFP, a rap music group I was apart of while in college.  I attended Tuskeegee University where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and have high exposure to black entrepreneurial endeavors. I know how business works from working as a vendor for The People of Hotep Company from selling oils and T Shirts at age 15-17 years old. Later I managed Chronicle Coffee after I received my Degree at 23 years old. Now I offer a referral based DJ service that I want to make affordable and quality for you. Providing these services bring a love and livelihood for myself. I also offer a marketing package which includes, advertising, vending, music managing, and booking. I’m DJ Albizness & I’m  Your DJ.